My Celtic homepage

this page will be where i show you about my country and the other Celtic countries in Europe

this is my country called wales (cymru)

Wales is a Celtic country on Britain, we speak Welsh (cymraeg) and have a population of 3 million people, we were founded somewhere around 1056 we were known as The Princepality of Wales and for many centuries we were ruled by a Prince, we had only one king, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn he ruled from 1055 until his death in 1063, sometime around 1277 and 1283 Wales was occupied by England for the last time. Wales finally got recognized as a sepperate country for the first time in hundreds of years in 1967 and we got our parliament in 1998

and this is the flag

The red dragon repressents the fearlessness of the Welsh nation, the green and white stripes repressenting King Henry VII's royal standard

Ireland (&North)