Friday 17th of May 2000 22:20-41

Hey guys, this is my first blog for monthssss. I'm still in RCIA and i love Mass so much. My RCIA teacher (Kevin) is great and we talked yesterday after class about Anglicanism and the Eucharist, we also talked about exams, school and Year 11. My favourite priest is probably Father Chris but i like Father Benny and the others too! I also found out yesterday Yasmin from school knew Father Benny from St Davids Catholic Collage haha. School has been ok, it's exam season so i am a little stressed but i'm praying through the intersession of St Joeph of Cuppertuno for my exams! I have at this point done my Science exam and i'm not finished and My Maths paper 1 (non-calc) it was ok i guess lol. I have also finished Hospitality but my teacher Ms Taylor is a b*tch and is making us do extra work. I'm also like really sick and have a bad cough i've been sick for weeks my dad is too and my teacher Mr Joeph is also ill but he's back though. I've been reading Acts of the Apostles but have been lazy with my Bible, but i do have a mini NT and Psalms that i read regularly and a plastic rosary both from RCIA. I'm also excited for Pentecost Sunday because they are having prayers said in other languages which is really cool. Also i will be confirmed sometime this year i just need my certificate of baptism from an older church from 16 years ago(1984) when i was born, but they are taking so so long to do it, so i'm kinda worried. My revision has been going well, History is kinda ok but Maths is so much better (i actually love it) it's just so much more fun. I'm actually writing this after doing Maths and History revision! I kinda wanna watch Sister act or have a bath lol. I've been having a bath for 2 hours every night from 10-12pm for a few days now. I never take my missal to mass but i might take it this sunday or maybe next-next sunday because it's pentecost. I've picked Law and Health and social care for A'level but idk about these options and might do something else, but my teachers are so controlling! I wanna go to Adoration so bad, i've been wanting to go for days, i might be able to go next week after school on wednesday at another parish but their website is down so i'm going of old infomtion, i'll be able to go to Daily Mass and Adoration thought after next week because of half-term which i will use as study leave for maths and History. I'm actually dead excited for my Maths exam but it's my last exam though :(, ok this blog post is giant but so much as happened like i tried to see the Northern lights a few days ago and didn't even see them i was out until like 2AM and went to McDonalds. Finsished with Science for the rest of my lifeeee!!. Bye.


Monday 26th of February 2000 17:35

Hey guys, i've got news, i have left my Anglican protestant church for the Roman Catholic Church, i start RCIA like next week, and i was supposed to get parental consent next Sunday but my parents are making us go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for the weekend, somewhere in Utah? I will have to go wqith my dad on the Wednesday after Sunday but i worry i might miss the chance to join by Wednesday. Also the priest i spoke to won't be there, because he teaches RE at a school on the weekday. I'm sad i'll miss Mass, it's my most favourite thing to do ever, also i got a new wooden rosary, my first ever one! i've prayed it loads and i love it. I'll most a pic of my rosary + my new rosary book and Sunday missal!!! God bless.


Saturday 20th of January 2000 16:15

My second blog of the new millenium! I hate school, well only History, i had double History yesterday literally only there for 30 mins. Also i wanna keep doing my website cuz i'm so lazy atm. Not much to report lol.


Wednesday 3rd of January 2000 15:30

My first blog of the new millenium! I can't believe it's 2000 already, i miss 1999, also i have a new 1999-2000 gif on my homepage i go from another site, i also some money for my birthday two days ago i bought stuff on, like a CD and some Bible study stuff, a cross necklace and a wall hanging cross. ill post pictures of my room on my pictures webpage on my link page on my homepage. i got some new lights from my parents and new fake plants stuff.


Saturday 30th of December 1999 20:30

This is my first blog entry since ironiclly the same date 4 months ago lol. It's only been the first few days of the Xmas break and i already miss him (iykyk). On the 22nd we finished school and it was a half day so that was ok i guess, and it went ok but when i left i never really said goodbye properly, i'm probably being dramatic but idk i just wish i did properly, i'll see him in like a week tho so that's good.

Christmas went well this year, it didn't really feel like Xmas but it was good anyways, i got the best gifts tbh, i got a Playstation 5 with GTA5 and Assasings Creed Valhalla (so gooood) i also got the Playstation plus subscription so i could play GTAO, i also got clothes, a Yeti 30oz Tumbler and other stuff.


Saturday 30th of September 1999 09:50

Hey y'all this is my seccond blog post on my site i know i haven't posted in a while but ive been busy and had my computer confiscated by my mom, well a few days ago i decided to start smoking in school so the morning of the day i smoked in school i was told to not to go to next class and i had to wait for a teacher to speak to me, they told me i was caught smoking because there was evidense in the restroom and they could smell smoke, when i got home i had all my stuff confiscated by my mom.

yesterday i got my stuff back so thats good, today my dad is going to Bristol, England to pick up my aunt and her 'lesbian lover' from the airport. i couldn't find a good like button for my blog so i'll keep looking!


Thursday 7th of September 1999 16:33

Hey and welcome to my first blog on Neocities!!

Here I will post updates about my life onto my blog space I will try to post a new blog update every week now let's get into it,

The past few days has been horrible here in Wales we are having a heat wave and its really humid and it's been going on for days now and i've had enough, It's not the hottest heat wave we've had as it's late summer and the temp is only getting up to 85F but the humidity makes it feel worse.

i've also got loads of coursework I need to get on with for my History class and I only have until September 11th I had all summer to do this and I haven't finished over 1 month later i'm so worried i'm going to fail but oh well I guess since i'm talking about school i should mention my younger sister(11) is starting high school her first day was on Tuesday and she was so excited but she doesn't know how it will feel when she gets to year 10 and 11 and then she will want to jump of a bridge over all the stress but she won't cause she's actually a little smarter than me or maybe she just cheats (probably lol).

I was supposed to find out my GCSE exam results last month but my mother thought it was another day soc I slept through it I will probably get Fs anyway so i'm actually glad I haven't seen them otherwise I would probably cry, it's so unfair because I slaved away for months for my exams just to get bad results in the end.

This is the end of this blog, thanks for reading, i'm going to eventually add a like button on my blogs.